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Don’t Forget SEO in Inbound Marketing

There is a good reason emphasis Inbound Marketing is growing dramatically – it works. A Pew Research Center study in 2010 showed that 78% of U.S. Internet users research products and services at least occasionally. That’s up from 49% in 2004. On an average day, 21% of adults research spending decisions online, an amazing rise from 9% in 2004.  There are a number of strategies for capturing a significant number of those millions that are searching for information about plastic surgery and almost all have merit.

As noted elsewhere, relevant and fresh content is the engine that drives your Inbound Marketing engine. But if that is true, sound “Search Engine Optimization” of that content is the mechanic that fine tunes the engine to run at its ultimate potential. Content that needs to optimized includes:

  • Blog post
  • Web site articles
  • Whitepapers
  • On-line eBooks

Search engine optimization helps make certain your content is easy to find by the most likely prospects for your services. Here are some elements of your Inbound Marketing Strategy to which the rules of SEO need to be applied:

Blogs – As you point people toward your blog it is vital to make sure it is optimized.  There are a number of effective plug-ins for blog services like WordPress to ensure your blog is primed to attract the greatest possible number of people searching for information already on your site.

  • SEO Friendly Images – Images are a great source of traffic and this plugin assists in ensuring sure that you have “alt” and “title” tags on all your images so search engines can properly index them. Since a main stay for most plastic surgeon’s sites is images this one is a must to have.
  • All in One SEO Pack – This is the Swiss Army knife of SEO for WordPress. It helps you pick the best titles for posts and choose the best keywords as well. It will also aid you in avoiding duplicate content and more.
  • Automatic SEO Links – Here’s time saving tool that lets you choose a word or phrase for automatic linking (internal and external), set anchor text, and more.  To avoid being flagged for spamming it also ensures only the first occurrence of a word in a post is set to link.

Tweets – Yes, one should be aware of significant key words even in Tweets

Landing Pages – Your Facebook landing page should definitely be optimized for SEO. Since this may be the first place many find you it makes sense to spend extra time making this single page the very best it can be.

One last word needs to be added here: test. Search for procedures and services you perform on a regular basis. Do location specific searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and see where you show up. Do time sensitive searches on Google to see where you rank for specific searches in the last day, week, and month. By remembering the basic rule of SEO your Inbound Marketing will hum along like the fine tuned engine you want it to be.

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