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A Social Media Expert: A Person Every Plastic Surgeon Needs

Too many professionals, plastic surgeons included, wrongly assume that a Facebook page will more or less take care of itself. It doesn’t take long to discover how wrong that is. The factors that create the necessity for keeping a web site fresh multiply exponentially when it comes to your Facebook Business page. If that page is not kept fresh, giving people a reason to return to it often, it will quickly become lost along with all the other pages people “liked” and then quickly forgot were even there. Everyone in your office is busy, and you even more, so who is going to make that Facebook page work for your practice?

One solution is to look for a social media expert but you may want to take a slightly different route in finding one than in advertising for an office manager. A lot of people are claiming to be experts in a field that hasn’t been around nearly as long as it took you to finish med school so you may want to consider setting you own definition of professional. Here are some tips for finding the right person to manage your social media efforts.

Forget Resume and Search for Results – Because tools like Twitter and even Facebook are so new it is better to look for someone who is already using those tools with success themselves. Often times you can find a college student in a need of some extra cash that will do as good a job managing your social media as any of the advertised experts.

Personal Familiarity - You need to be familiar with general social media marketing terms. It takes more than a couple of months to see real sustainable results. Your familiarity with the basics will protect you from grandiose promises by potential candidates.

Demographic Knowledge – Outside of understanding how to set up a Facebook Business Page there is no one qualification for a social media manager than an understanding of who you want to reach with that Page. A social media expert must have the knowledge of your clientele’s need and wants. Without that knowledge, social media marketing efforts may fall on deaf eyes and ears. A person who understands your practice, your clientele, and how to use tools like Facebook and Google ads in conjunction with your Facebook page is the kind of person you are looking for.

In looking for a social media expert don’t count out someone who is well qualified to handle your Facebook Page and other social media but doesn’t live in your area. All of the work of a social media manage can be done on-line and remote from your office. It may be the person who meets your needs and budget is a short ad away in one of the many posting sites for on-line jobs. Again, the key is to find someone who is making Facebook work for themselves already.

When time is more valuable than money, often hiring an outside agency to manage your social media campaigns is an excellent idea. When looking for an agency, consider one that has experience and proven results in your field. The agency assumes responsibility for campaign performance, removes the burden of hiring a qualified individual and manages the ever evolving best practices in the social media realm. Agencies can be more expensive in the short-term but in the long-term can prove to provide the accountability and expertise necessary to succeed.

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