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Plastic Surgery Marketing

According to a recent analysis, the term “plastic surgery” was searched on Google over 2.7 million times around the world in just one month. The top 10 plastic surgery related phrases alone have over 10 million searches performed each month! Clearly there’s a big market online for plastic surgery and you want to make sure your practice has the upper hand in such a popular and highly competitive industry.

Marketing can make or break your business, so you want to be very meticulous about the way you go about such a serious project. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks of the trade that you can learn to give you an advantage in marketing. Perhaps the most important task is familiarizing yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many people aren’t aware that the key words in the content of their website have a big impact on how many visitors are drawn to your site via popular search engines. Learning about and applying SEO is one of the best things you can do for the well-being of your company.

Plastic Surgery SEO

The keys to an effective plastic surgery search engine optimization campaign are:

  1. Identify search phrases
  2. Create great content around those search phrases
  3. Identify your competition (i.e. Top 10 search results) for each of those search phrases
  4. Track your performance and improvements in ranking and traffic volume for each of the search phrases
  5. Promote your content on the web through social media and link builing

In a nutshell that is it!  Now doing that on a site with 10 pages and targeting 10 phrases is complicated enough to maintain without software.  Imagine trying to track the top 10 competitors for 1,000+ search phrases on a site with 100s of pages and reporting on the results weekly — that’s where MDWebPro comes in to play.

Plastic Surgery Marketing with MDWebPro

Plastic surgery marketing begins with MDWebPro.  Whether you work with a current SEO company, you want to do your own SEO or you are looking for an SEO agency, the MDWebPro toolset will help you stay on top of your traffic, your rankings, your links and your competition.  Click on the image below for an example of the data we collect on a weekly basis for our sites.

Plastic surgery marketing with MDWebPro

You can get started using our free tracking tool by completing the form below.  Simply enter your website address, nearest major city, your email address and we will begin tracking your site for:

  • Rankings for the top 10 search phrases in your area
  • Any common website errors, warnings or notices
  • Who your largest competitors are online
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Building a great site

The MDWebPro toolset will help you get the data you need to build a great site. Tracking results and making informed decisions through data analysis will give you a great advantage over your competition but it is also imperative that you have a high-quality website that showcases your business in a flattering and informative light. Along with informative descriptions, you should go the extra mile by including reassuring before and after pictures of former clients so any prospective clients can assure themselves that they are taking little risk in consulting your services. You also want to include instructional videos about the procedure or videos of former clients giving testimonies of your services. This offers extra reassurance to the client and gives your business an established and positive image.
Creating attractive ads is another way to attract more customers. You can post these ads on your website or distribute them to former clients through email. Offer discounts and freebies through these ads so that your clients will be more inclined to use your services. Pictures are another must for these ads. Provide pictures of models with ideal figures and faces to give your client that extra push. If something they’d like to change about themselves is staring them right in the face, they’re less likely to be able to say no to it.

Remember to keep a positive attitude when trying out different plastic surgery marketing strategies. Use this information to better your business and better connect with people who are looking for your services. Keep strong relationships with current or former clients, as these relationships often result in several extra surgeries later on down the road and thus benefit you. Following this important information should ensure a busy and healthy business for a long time.

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