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Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips

When marketing your plastic surgery practice your primary goal is Lead Generation whether from Plastic Surgery Email Marketing, billboards, referrals, Social Media and Online Coupons, or website traffic. We discuss many Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas but our 1st recommendation is always don’t implement what you can’t measure

In order to understand tips on marketing, you have to first understand what marketing is. Marketing is the process of performing market research, selling products and/or services to customers and promoting them via advertising to further enhance sales. Marketing is generally used to attract a customer, keep a positive relationship with that customer and to keep the customer satisfied. Once you understand marketing, you should review the objectives and the overall message of your business and decide what the best form of marketing is for your situation.

Let’s start with Market Research

Fortunately in plastic surgery there is a huge market out there of people interested in looking better. Google sees over 10.4 million searches each month for the top 10 plastic surgery related searches.

Now if you are curious how your site ranks in Google for those phrases, use the form below to find out.

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The key here is that all that traffic exists on the web. So any effective plastic surgery marketing campaign needs to have a focus on the web. You can’t appear in the search results without a web presence. Focusing that web presence on techniques that work is where we can help.

Build a strategy around your website

Even if you don’t have a website, you can still have a presence on the web and market your clinic through Google Places. But in order to successfully market your plastic surgery business, you must create a high-quality website. If you filled out the form above you will be receiving a report that not only shows your current rankings for the top phrases but also summarizes any website errors or warnings on your site that may be impacting your visitors or the search engines. The report will be updated each week to help you stay current with plastic surgery marketing and SEO. If you are creating a new website, make your domain name count. Choose one that will make you show up when someone searches for plastic surgery or a specific type of plastic surgery which you specialize in. It might even be a good idea to put the location in which you practice in the domain name to attract an audience in your area.

Effectively structure your site

Use alt tags and links behind all your images. This will help Google recognize that your picture is about your main key word and will boost your visibility in their search engine. It’s important to do your research to find out which key words people tend to search the most and use these more often in your websites. This might even require hiring a professional to help gather this information for you and show you how to do it. This can often make or break your business, so it’s something worth looking into.

You should most definitely have before/after pictures on your website. This will allow your future clients to see the success with the work you’ve already done and assure them that they won’t be taking any risks by coming to you. Most plastic surgery websites include before and after pictures, but not many include videos. To compete with the competition, supply your website with short introduction videos, procedure summaries, and patient testimonial videos. Google ranks videos higher through their search engine as well, so it gives you an extra advantage.

Build links

One essential for an effective medical website is linking. You should link key words on your website. Make sure these words are distributed consistently throughout the page. For example, if you wanted your key words to be “Los Angeles liposuction,” you would link all three of the words to the home page for your visitors. When you’re plugging in key words, remember to write for the reader first before considering SEO. SEO is important for bringing the reader to your website but content is what makes them stay and stimulate their interest for your services. So, while utilizing SEO and key words, make sure your writing is both articulate and informative. You might also want to try sending out press releases to be sure your business’ voice is heard.

Know your competition

Our weekly website ranking report will inform you of the top 3 competitors in your area for the top 10 plastic surgery search phrases. But sometimes you need to dig deeper and see a broader picture of the competitive landscape. We regularly publish our Who’s the best in Plastic Surgery SEO report to help inform you not only of where you rank but who all your competitors are locally and nationally.

Watch your online reviews

Medical review sites are popping up all over the web and patients are regularly flocking to them for reviews on doctors. A marketing plan for your plastic surgery practice should include a strategy for gaining positive medical doctor reviews.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for our free patient reviews tracking tool. Each week we will watch the top review sites and send a report directly to your inbox of any new reviews posted about you. Best of all, it’s free.

Welcome to patient reviews monitoring tool for MDs! Concerned about what is being said about you online? Simply enter your info below, and we will start tracking any new patient reviews from the 18 top review sites for you.

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