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Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

This article speaks on the high level theory of plastic surgery marketing and general areas to focus your attention. For specific tactics in cosmetic surgery marketing including email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media, check out our article on Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Attracting Attention

Now that you understand the high demand for plastic surgery online, how do you point the public’s attention in your direction? The world of plastic surgery can be very competitive and it’s important that your business sticks out more than the others and you have a steady stream of clients coming to you for business in order to be successful. You can get a better idea of which clinics are your top competitors in your area from our The best plastic surgery websites report and to watch your site move up the list be sure to check out our free articles on plastic surgery websites and SEO including the essentials to an effective medical website design

Define Your Audience

Once you have the mindset of a marketing doctor, it’s important to establish who your marketing audience is. Generally, plastic surgery marketing ads are directed towards a more affluent crowd. People who are wealthy are usually targeted because they are more likely to come back for several more operations as age begins to take its toll.

It’s important to make a smart investment and have a professional website using all the right techniques and components. Website templates may be cheaper, but they don’t send out the best message to the client you’re trying to attract. You would be surprised how the quality of your website can affect your future client’s decision. Utilize your website to advertise your expertise and your unique talent. Explain to the reader what makes you better than the competition.

Some visitors of your site may only be researching and may not be ready to buy. Your site should explain the process and the lack of risk as to encourage them to use your services but also allow for collecting their information so you can market to them over time. Learning to track these conversions is critical to measuring your marketing success. Effective channels for staying in touch with your prospective patients and customers are Twitter, Facebook, and Email marketing. Maintaining and building these relationships will help you to determine the value of social media along with your overall web strategy.

Patients who are looking to get aesthetic surgery would probably be more inclined to trust your services if you provide before and after pictures of your website of your previous surgeries. Also provide explanations of each individual treatment, including healing time and any other information an interested client might want to know.This will prove to them your expertise on the subject and will make them feel more comfortable going to you if you’ve already had several successful operations, especially if it’s in the same realm they are interested in. Utilize the search engine optimization technique to ensure that there is high-traffic to your website. This increases the likelihood of someone coming to you for your services.

Traditional Offline Marketing

Of course there are other ways of marketing your services besides the Internet. But none of them compare to the performance, cost and tracking capability that exist with Internet marketing. There are many cosmetic surgery marketing ideas which we would recommend you pursue before most offline means. However, once your Internet marketing campaigns are established, some offline methods of marketing can help to reinforce your brand in the non-web world. A common brand reinforcement strategy can be to advertise through local or large talk radio programs. You can also even put an advertisement on a billboard over a busy highway. These are ways of bringing yourself to the public instead of making them come to you first. Anything that will get you noticed and pique the public’s interest in you will benefit your business greatly and will prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Keep Tabs on Your Image Online

It seems today everyone has access to a podium online to express their pleasure or displeasure in services purchased. This open forum is of great concern to the medical community as patient’s are constantly posting reviews of doctors online. One effective tool for keeping tabs on your reputation online is our free patient review tracking tool. On a weekly basis we will monitor the top doctor review sites and send a summary report directly to your inbox each week. Just fill out the form below to get started.

Welcome to patient reviews monitoring tool for MDs! Concerned about what is being said about you online? Simply enter your info below, and we will start tracking any new patient reviews from the 18 top review sites for you.

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