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Watch Marc Ohmann from Team MDWebPro describe what goes into an effective email marketing campaign for plastic surgery.

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Email is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to market your business. Yes, you read that right.  Email continues to dominate the web in:

  • Visitor loyalty
  • Conversion rate
  • Shareability

Most people check their email many times throughout the day. So, if you have an important event coming up or want to let people know about a special promotion, send out an informative email.

Now of course the big question…  Who do I send to?

Building out your email list is still the greatest challenge to email marketing.  It is one thing to know that email is incredibly effective and a completely different thing to have your own email list of those interested in your products.  Many companies look for the easy way out in creating an email list.  It seems the knee-jerk reaction is that we must have a list of X thousand emails before we send out an email.  And the fastest way to get a list of that size is to buy it, right?  Well that might be the fastest way but it is also the least effective method to advertise and promote your business.

Growing a quality email list takes time, creativity and persistence.  We like to remind our clients that a list of 20 devoted, loyal customers who love to buy is far more valuable than a list of 1,000 people who didn’t ask to receive your message.  And the beauty is that once you have a process in place to get 20 devoted and loyal customers on your list — that same process will get you to 1,000 customers if you are persistent and creative.

So how do we build the list?

As all things in web marketing we start with great content.  Great content on a site drives targeted traffic.  And targeted traffic signs up for email specials, email coupons, and email newsletters.

Targeted traffic will come from primarily two sources:

  1. Organic search engine rankings
  2. Paid search engine ads and content marketing ads

First let’s look at organic search engine rankings

Targeted content on a site and links from around the Internet to that content will drive your search engine rankings.  If you don’t know how your site currently ranks for the top plastic surgery search phrases, do me a favor and fill out this form so at least you know where you site stands today.

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Once you have a baseline on your current rankings, you can start to look at:

  1. Which phrases need improvement
  2. Which phrases are ranking but not driving traffic or converting
  3. Which new phrases should we target

And one of the best ways to keep up on that process is to follow all of the free advice and tools we provide right here on this site.  Or join in the discussion on Facebook

Paid search engine ads and content marketing ads

Our sites see a lot of success from content marketing ads and some success from paid search engine ads.  Generally our organic search engine results will see twice the conversion rates of the paid search engine ads.  But the content marketing ads are a completely different opportunity.

Content marketing ads will be displayed on websites around the Interenet with content related to your ad.  Now why this is so successful especially in plastic surgery is because candidates for plastic surgery love to search online to research procedures.  We see evidence of this in the high volume of search engine queries for plastic surgery procedures.  So now you ad for Botox will be seen next to an article discussing Botox on or and thousands of other sites.  The people reading these articles didn’t necessarily go to Google and search for Botox but yet they are seeing your ad and from our statistics, they are very likely to buy.

What if you already have an email list?

If you are already building a list, hats off to you.  Some of your most difficult work is done.  Now you just need to capitalize on all the hidden value in that list.  There are great 3rd party sites out there that offer excellent email marketing platforms.  One of our favorites is because of their ability to segment your lists by attributes that you define.  However in our quest to fully leverage our own email lists, we have found that we needed a higher level of automation, segmentation and data integration in our lists.

Segmentation means that the patient who signed up for your email Botox coupon should not be receiving the exact same emails as the user interested in your spray tanning.  Botox patients buy at different intervals than do spray tanning customers.  Segmenting and data integration also means you want to send the Botox coupon subscriber a separate email if they are a current customer versus a prospective customer — each has a unique message and in the unique message is the higher conversion rate.


The easiest email campaign

Creating a monthly email specials newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your more general email list.  This newsletter is in addition to the very specific emails your are sending out.  However segmentation doesn’t have to stop with this email.  Creating multiple versions based on past buying habits is the easiest way to improve conversion from a monthly specials email.

Studies have shown that patients who are happy with plastic surgery from one doctor are more likely to go to that same doctor for additional surgeries later in life. This proves that it’s worth it to keep in touch with your previous patients to keep a steady flow of business and ensure more work from old clients.

You should begin your email by choosing a concept- an event, special offer or new procedure- and then design an attractive ad. You can do this through other companies, or if you’re knowledgeable in computer designing yourself, you can do all the work yourself as well. In order to attract attention, you need a striking image. When advertising plastic surgery, it’s probably best to have an attractive model on your ad. For example, if you want to highlight a liposuction special it would be best to add a picture of a model with a trim and attractive figure along with the ad to make it more appealing to someone less comfortable with their appearance. Or, if you want to highlight a special with Botox, add a picture of a model with an attractive and young-looking face to make it more appealing to someone who might be self-conscious in that area.

Your ad should mention what you’re trying to highlight- event, discounted price, etc.- in a way that makes the reader want to partake of your services. Mention how someone might benefit from this particular type of surgery and how it can be affordable and worth the price. Since you will be talking to all former clients, it might be a good idea to flaunt your reputation and remind them of your expertise.

Decide who you want your email audience to be. You can mass message your ad to all of your clients, or you can selectively choose which ones you think have the best chance of being interested. For example, if you’ve been with a client who has had several Botox injections with you already, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in having more done. Consider the ages of your former patients and the problems they might be facing at that age. As men and women get older, they tend to gain weight, sag and have more wrinkles and thus tend to be more interested in plastic surgeries that address these particular circumstances. Keep this in mind when organizing your email list.

According to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is predicted to return an unbelievable $48.29 for every dollar spent in 2007. Even if you have to spend a little for making an advertisement, you will find that you get the money back and then some. It’s certainly a prosperous investment for both your time and your money.

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Marc Ohmann is president of Digital Solutions, Inc in Minneapolis. Digital Solutions is the company behind the MDWebPro blog and tool set. Marc was a computer science and engineering student at the University of Minnesota in 1999 when he started Digital Solutions. Marc, now a husband and father of 3, greatly enjoys the clients and creativity he is involved in each day through Digital Solutions. Follow Marc on Twitter @marcohmann and @MDWebPro

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