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Benefits of Social Media and Online Coupons

The success of social media, such as Facebook, is an Internet phenomena. What cutting edge marketing experts have found is that combining social networking with marketing is an excellent way for companies to inexpensively and effectively greatly magnify there marketing reach.

Many companies actively recruit consumers to become “fans” of their company, brand and even individual products on Facebook. In exchange, consumers get news and coupons for products that are not available elsewhere. Two surveys, recently completed, show that many consumers become Facebook fans for the coupons or promotions offered by manufacturers.

…many consumers become Facebook fans for the coupons or promotions offered by manufacturers.

Emarketer, conducted a recent study that uncovered that the most successful brands pushing consumers to purchase their product did so by offering, on social media sites, coupons or discounts. Other successes are attributed to getting in front of their social media audience during sales and other special events.

Based upon a survey done by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a Boston custom marketing firm, 25 percent of those responding to their survey indicated that coupons and discounts were the primary reason for becoming a Facebook fan of the brand.

A survey conducted by Morpace, a full-service survey research company headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI confirmed the Chadwick Martin Bailey findings. Following are their findings about why US Facebook users join fan pages:

41 percent - to let my friends know what products I support
37 percent - To receive coupons and discount offers
35 percent - To stay current on available new products
31 percent - To learn more about the company/organization
28 percent - To meet with people who have interests similar to mine

While that 37 percent who join for coupons and discounts is impressive, the 41 percent who join fan pages to let friends know what products I support is critically important. Explains Morpace Retail Vice President Kirsten Denyes “Nearly 68 percent of consumers say that a “positive referral from a Facebook friend makes them more likely to buy a specific product or visit a certain retailer.”

With Facebook active users topping out at over 500 million users, half of whom sign in to Facebook everyday the marketing opportunities are enormous. Facebook is not the only social media network to explore for coupons and a loyal following, My Space, LinkedIn and Twitter each have their own unique angles to build a following.

The key to successful marketing on social media is the need to make the consumer feel special. Simply using a site to promote a product or announcing a sale is not good enough. Fans need to feel their relationship with the brand is special. To do this Fans are offered exclusive promotions. A wise social media marketer will offer the exclusive promotion to fans and their Facebook friends. With luck and a  solid strategy, the offer is so good it will go viral - moving quickly throughout the Internet.

Another benefit of social media marketing is the ability to target accurate demographics.  Facebook allows marketers to target based on age, sex, education and interestes.  Some users are even open to providing additional information in exchange for qualifying for a really great exclusive promotion. This is priceless marketing information.

By insuring that your fans enjoy a good experience as your fan they are apt to buy when otherwise they would not. Social media are an excellent marketing tool with returns of more sales and obtaining consumer demographics. Marketers have nothing to lose and all to gain to join this latest movement in marketing.  Stop waiting and start building your loyal following today.

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