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10 Quick Ways to Generate Blog Subscribers

1. Clearly Display the Subscription Button/Email Opt-In Form

First of all, don’t make it difficult for visitors to your blog to figure out how to opt in to your blog. Display a clear call-to-action module to subscribe to your blog, along with an RSS subscription button and a simple, one-field email opt-in form near the top of your blog — above the fold. Don’t make your visitors search through all the bells and whistles in your blog’s sidebar to subscribe. Put it right in their face, and make it stand out.

 2. Demonstrate the Value of Subscribing

If a visitor is new to your blog, they’re likely going to need some convincing that it’s worth coming back to time and time again. Just as with any effective call-to-action, you need to clearly demonstrate the value of subscribing to your blog. Explain what the visitor will get from the blog when subscribing. In the HubSpot blog’s subscriber call-to-action, for example, we explain what the HubSpot blog covers — “all of inbound marketing - SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing & management, and analytics” — so visitors have a clear understanding of what they’ll get from subscribing.

3. Create a Dedicated Subscription Landing Page

In addition to the subscribe module right there on your blog, create a dedicated landing page that you can direct people to via other channels such as social media, other pages on your website, PPC, or email. This way, rather than saying, “Visit, then look for the subscriber option at the top right. You know — right below the banner CTA,” you can say “Visit to be the first to receive our latest blog content!”

4. Offer an Incentive for Subscribing

Do a push to boost subscribers, such as a dedicated email send or a social media campaign, and offer an incentive for subscribing, such as an exclusive ebook, download, or coupon. Set up a dedicated landing page, and reward anyone who subscribes via that landing page with the exclusive offer.

5. Promote on Your ‘About Us’ Page and Press Room Pages

Include a link to subscribe to your blog on other high-trafficked pages of your website such as your ‘About Us’ page and Press Room. These pages are likely to attract a lot of new visitors to your website, so use the opportunity to funnel them into your blog so they can learn more about you and read all of the awesome blog content you offer.

6. Add a Footer to Each Blog Article

To each of your blog articles, add a simple, text-based footer that acts as a call-to-action to subscribe to your blog — like we’ve done to the bottom of this very post! If a visitor finishes reading an article on your blog and has found the content they read valuable, you’ll capture them at the height of their interest.

7. Make Blog Content Easy to Share

Let your readers do some of the work for you! Another indirect way to boost subscribers is to make the social sharing of your blog content as simple as possible. Add social sharing buttons to every blog post you publish so your readers can easily promote your blog content to their networks and expand your blog’s reach beyond your current fans, followers, and subscribers.

8. Promote on Thank-You Pages

Thank-you pages are the pages your visitors get redirected to after they’ve completed a form on a landing page. As a result, these pages are prime real estate to encourage reconversions — especially blog subscriptions! Add CTAs that compel your newly converted leads to also subscribe to your blog content. It’s a great way to boost blog subscribers while also continuing to nurture leads.

9. Promote Within Other Content

Include blog subscription CTAs within some of your other content such as your ebooks, webinars, or other downloads. Just as with the footer at the end of your blog posts, this will enable you to capitalize on the people who are already interested in your content. If leads think the content they’re already consuming is valuable, they’ll be more inclined to subscribe to the other content you offer on your blog

10. Promote Blog Subscription in Your Personal Email Signature

Add a CTA and link to subscribe to your blog in your personal email signature, and encourage the rest of your company to do so as well — particularly your sales team. Using the free tool, WiseStamp, you can also create a dynamic email signature that includes an RSS feed, which shows the title of your most recent blog article and automatically updates as new articles get published.

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