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10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies

You cannot be a successful plastic surgeon without a steady stream of clients. Though this is no secret, how to attract, convert and retain those clients often remains a mystery to many. The truth is, there is not a single magic answer. Instead there are a number of plastic surgery marketing strategies that work together to achieve the results your desire.  Here are ten tips for marketing your practice

#1: Understand the Decision-Making Process of a cosmetic surgery patient

Help your patients make good decisions by reassuring them with proof they will be happy with their decision. Patient testimonials and solid information is critical to a patient in the decision making process. Prospective patients already have a set of desires, questions, and doubts in mind. Answering those is the key to gaining them as a new client.

#2: Target Higher-Value Clients

Identify who your high-end patients are and focus 80% of your efforts on them. Pay attention to every prospective and current patient but put special focus on this group.

#3: Stop Ignoring your Cosmetic Surgery Patients

The main reasons cosmetic surgery patients change physicians is not due to inferior results in a procedure. Nor do most leave because of problems with your staff. Most fall away because of real or perceived indifference. From the moment a prospective client fills out a contact form on your web site to their last follow up after a procedure they are looking for responsiveness.

#4: Make the Cosmetic Surgery Patient Feel Special

Everyone likes to be paid attention to and people seeking cosmetic surgery  even more. It doesn’t take big or costly gestures to accomplish this either. A $50 coupon for returning patients on your web site reinforces that they are not forgotten and that you have other services they need.

#5: Increase Revenues-Per-Patient

At least 20% of existing patients surveyed say they would take advantage of additional procedures if they knew about them.  Your best return on investment comes from returning patients. They already know and trust you. That is a hard commodity to earn so don’t waste it.

#6: Reactivate Your Lost Patients

Even if a patient has not come back in a long time, they still represent a far better pool of potential procedures than someone who that has never used your services. It’s always cheaper and easier to reconnect with patients that have visited you before than to attract people who have never had any contact with your practice.

#6: Encourage Referrals

70% of your new plastic surgery patients are a result of referrals from your current patients. Remember tips number 3 and 4. Patients like to be noticed and feel special. Offer something special for every referral that makes an appointment. You win twice with this technique.

#8: Create an Amazing Patient Experience

Cosmetic surgery is about the relationship a patient “feels” they have with you. Everything about your website, your office, your staff, and your care of a patient should leave them with a positive experience they want to share with others.

#9: Make Communications Personal and Timely

There are certain times of the year your cosmetic surgery patients need to hear from you. Birthdays and holidays, in particular, are perfect times to communicate how special that patient is to you.

#10: Become an Authority through Strategic Alliances

Networking through social media sites like LinkedIn and physician’s groups is a vital step in creating such alliances. Get someone else credible to sing your praises to their own base of patients, customers or clients.


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