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10 Elements to a Great Blog Post

There a number of things that will make your blog worth the investment of time required to make it successful. Timing is important so make sure you learn the basics of when and how often to post to your blog. There are also a number of good tools like Evernote and Windows Live Writer that will speed up the process and ensure your readership grows and is loyal.

Regardless of the topic here are a few elements that should be present in every post you publish to your blog.

1. Lead Paragraph: If you take too long getting to the point, you will lose readers. You have to get right to the main idea of the post and ensure your readers see its relevance. Start with a great title and put your best into that first few sentences.

2.  Relevant Image: Good images tell the story before your visitors read one word of text. Choose images that pull your readers into the post itself.

3. Personal Experience: Blogs have to be personal! Add something about your daily practice. Insert a quick anecdote.

4.  Main Body: Most people don’t read blogs; they scan them. Use bullets and numbered lists as much as possible. Write snippets that are easily transferable to Facebook and Twitter.

5.  Discussion Question: Try to keep your post from being a lecture or monologue. Write in such a way others want to continue the conversation. The best way to judge how well you are accomplishing this is through the number of comments left after your posts.

6. Brevity: Aim for 500 words. Anything much longer it will lose the majority of your readers. If it’s too long, tighten the post up.

7. Short Paragraphs: Stay with 3 to 4 sentences when possible. Lengthy paragraphs look dense and discourage readers from reading on.

8. Short Sentences: As much as you can, avoid compound sentences. Period give the reader a natural stopping place and a sense they have accomplished something in their reading. Copywriters know that short sentences speed up reading.

9.  Simple Words: The goal is to communicate, not to impress readers with your vocabulary. As a plastic surgeon your goal in a blog is to connect and start a conversation. If you want to provide more lengthy and technical information link from your blog to a page on your web site.

10.  Internal Links: Don’t try to say everything in one post. By linking to other posts you provide opportunity for readers to create more traffic as they move from link to another.

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