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Facebook “Promoted Posts” and Medical Social Media

Until recently the reach of the content you posted to your Facebook business page has been limited by Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. In other words, the posts that you made to your Facebook page reached the limited number of your fans’ newsfeeds. The reason for this is because Facebook’s algorithm ranks content based on the likely interest of a given user. To learn more about EdgeRank, check out these articles:

Introducing “Promoted Posts”

Now Facebook is offering a new tool that enables you to extend the reach of your page’s organic content. That tool is called Promoted Posts, a paid offering by which you can promote recent posts and extend their reach beyond the normal exposure they’d get in fans’ news feeds.

According to Facebook: “Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your Page than would normally see it. It will also be seen by a larger percentage of the friends of people who interact with your post.”
While promising this premium tool will increase the percentage of fans your organic content reaches, Facebook makes no indication of exactly how much more that percentage will be.

Any type of post you can create in your page’s sharing tool can gain greater exposure through Promoted Posts: status updates, offers, photos, videos, and questions. Unlike paid ads that appear in the right-hand sidebar these posts appear in the normal newsfeed. They will be marked as “Sponsored” run for up to 3 days after the post was originally created.
The only prerequisite for using Promoted Posts is to have at least 400 fans.

Reason for using Promoted Posts

Why use Promoted Posts? Because they can help you get more exposure for organic Facebook content you want to put more promotional muscle behind. Because these do come with the cost, you might want to reserve this extra promotional push for content you want to drive more engagement and interaction for. Some examples of when you might want to use Promoted Posts include:

  • Posts about lead-gen offers such as eBook landing pages
  • Posts about events such as webinar or an open house
  • Posts about specials, discounts, or Facebook coupons to encourage followers to call and seek a consultation or make an appointment.
  • Posts about new procedures or new office hours
  • Posts about important news and other updates

Tracking Available through Facebook Ad Manager

You will be able to determine the ROI of a Promoted Post you create because Facebook automatically generates a new campaign in your Ad Manager for each Promoted Post. The stats you’ll find there are the same as you would see for any other ad or Sponsored Story you’d run, such as click-through rate and impressions.

Compared to other social media paid advertisements Promoted Posts are quite inexpensive. Yes this avenue is still in its infancy but certainly worth giving it a try.

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