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5 Ways Plastic Surgeon Can Influence Google Rankings

One of the best long-term ways to influence your on-line reputation is by working to positively influence Google search results. By using sound SEO tactics, consistently posting useful information and making ways for others to link to that information you can change the landscape of Google search results in your favor. Over time, negatives will get lost in the shuffle and your positive content will rise to the top of Google rankings.

1. Register for a blog and social networks

The front line of your on-line reputation is what you can control the best – what you create yourself.  To get the best Google rankings possible make sure everything you create in turn builds an on-line brand for your name and practice. Every blog and web site you create and every social media profile you create should use your name or practice name. If your name is the URL or the title of the blog has your name in it, it will rank high for your name. Because blogs tend to be linked to the most they have a premium SEO value.

Just behind blogs are the larger social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All three have a Google Page Rank of 8. Since 10 is the highest possible it becomes obvious why your profile name and URL name on these should match your real name. The rule is simple, where you can use your full name as your ID, do so.

2. Create a Social Media Resume

Fashion the profile that gives the best picture of your experience, background and practice then post that on all the major social media sites. LinkedIn is great for building professional relationship that lead to link sharing and referrals. Facebook is more likely to be seen by potential customers. Twitter is often the first place potential clients who have never heard of you have a chance to see your face and learn a little about you.

3.  Guest Blog

You don’t have to necessarily write about plastic surgery. In fact, some of the best places to create web awareness can be on sites that have nothing to do with the medical profession at all. If you are an avid boater and know someone with a blog about boating see if they are willing to let you write an article about your hobby. Guest blogs always include an introduction to the writer and allow you to put something about your practice along with social media info.

4. Become a Community Activist

Ning networks and other such community sites tend to rank well in Google searches and they are great places to interact with like-minded professionals and clients. Remember the “give before take” rule of social media. Provide something of value to the community.  Be willing to answer questions and offer comments of encouragement to other members.

5. Create an eBook

There is absolutely no better way to get people talking about you than to give something away. Ignore the advice you hear about using these as lead generators by requiring those who want the eBook to fill out a form. Try this tact instead:  forget the forms, include social media sharing buttons like Digg, Facebook Like, etc… and let the free eBook work for you organically.

By following these steps you will be able to positively influence the quality and volume of links back to your sites. This in turns allows you to be more in control of what is being said about you and to respond effectively to negatives when they occur.

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