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10 Huge Companies That Use WordPress, And Why You Should Too

This past week I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the WordPress platform and who has been using WordPress for their main website. I was taken aback by the big names that were utilizing this free (and always will be free), open-source platform to build their websites. First, I’ll be listing those names, then I’ll clue you in as to why you should too!

1) CNN

That’s right, CNN!

2) The Wallstreet Journal

3) The New York Times


5) Ford

6) General Electric

7) Sony

8) Yahoo

9) eBay

10) Time Magazine


Those are some pretty big names! As a bonus, I’ve added one more big name below.

11) MDWebPro!
That’s right! Our main website uses WordPress as a content management system.

So why should you use WordPress?

1) It’s easy to install: All it takes is 1 click!

2) Easy on the pocketbook: So easy, in fact, that it’s free!

3) Manage all of your web content with ease.

4) Lots of great plug-ins that can really make life easier for you

5) Did I mention that it’s free?

Another great thing about WordPress is that it is an actively developed system- meaning it gets lots of updates (around 12 updates per year!), so you won’t be stuck with something outdated. Not to mention, in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll get email alerts notifying you to update WordPress.

Your Next Steps:
So what do you do with this information? I say, check up on your web developer to get you up and running on the most popular, efficient content management system around- WordPress! Make sure they’re regularily updating WordPress as well.

If you’ve got any more questions about WordPress, Content Management Systems, or want someone to move your website to WordPress (or just update it for you), feel free to leave a comment! Otherwise, you can email me.
Thanks for reading!

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Deacon is a graphic and web designer and joined Team MDWebPro in the summer of 2012. He thoroughly enjoys art, playing music, and being a husband/father. Deacon is constantly honing his skills as a designer to ensure relevancy and style. You can follow Deacon on Google+

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