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“You have been a tremendous help to me, and it has been nice working with someone with ethics in this field. You are literally 1 in 100, and I truly appreciate it.”

Allison Kendrick, M.D.
Austin, TX


I have noticed a significant improvement in the number of patients who come into our office saying that they found us online. MDWebPro’s covering all bases has resulted in a noticeable return on investment.

Bobak Ghaheri, M.D.
Portland, OR

New Social Media Case Study!

Making the most of Social Media can be downright difficult. It all comes into your target market and the amount of time you want to put into it. Check out our Social Media Case Study to hear a Doctor's perspective on successful and unsuccessful Social Media. Read more

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More than 68 million websites are maintained with the WordPress Content Management System. With this level of popularity, hacks are more than just a reality- without protection, they're an inevitability. Find out how to stop hackers in their tracks in our WordPress Security Webinar! Read more

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Dental Internet Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you find a picture that is, as they say, worth a thousand words. As I was doing some research for those who we wish to serve in the Dental community and thinking about our other clients, I came across … Continue reading

Do You Know Dr. Google? The 2014 Digital Patient Journey [Infographic]

Do you know what process a patient goes through when they are visiting you in person? What about the digital patient experience they have? As may as 86% of people who go to the doctor will conduct some sort of … Continue reading

The Keys to Long Tail Keywords

This month we have turned to dig up the possibilities and opportunities that lie within long tail keywords. With as much as 70% of searches falling into the long tail keywords category, it seems quite obvious that having a great … Continue reading

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